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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ExProtDb?
Extremophile Protein Database (ExProtDb) is an integrated and curated repository of extremophilic organisms, their genomes and proteomes. ExProtDb also contains information of various tools, literatures, patents, statistics, interesting facts, latest updates and useful links pertaining to extremophiles.

What does ExProtDb contains?
ExProtDb includes,
(a) Organism information: The database includes taxonomic lineage, domain, extremophile type, optimum growth condition, basic genomic information (like genome size, GC content, number of plasmids, number of RNA and protein coding genes, etc.) and the proteins of collected extremophiles.
(b) Protein information: The database includes only reviewed extreme-stable proteins which have available protein structure in RCSB PDB. The information includes, protein type, EC number, extremophilic behavior, source organism, function, optimum physicochemical conditions, sequence, molecular weight, sequence length and protein structure details.
(c) Enumerated biochemical parameters: of collected extreme-stable proteins calculated amino acid contents, amino acid class contents, protein interaction contents; (b) About extremophiles
(d) Tools: The database includes two tools, amino acid calculator and intraprotein interaction calculator. One can easily download the tools using provided extension available.
(e) Literature and Patents: The database includes literature and patents related to extremophiles and their types, extremophilic proteins and their types, extreme-stability and their types, etc. A separate search engines are provided for literature and patents to access them, year-wise.

How often is ExProtDb's data updated?
ExProtDb is updated half yearly.

How reliable is the data provided by ExProtDb?
ExProtDb is cross-referenced with other well-known public domain databases such as NCBI Genome Database, KEGG Genome Database, UniProt Knowledgebase (UniProtKB), RCSB PDB, BRENDA Enzyme Database, etc. to ensure the superior quality of data it provides.

Is it difficult to browse the database?
No, ExProtDb has a user-friendly web interface allowing hassle-free browsing, gaining knowledge as well as retrieval and download of data.

How search and advance search works?
One can easily search the related information such as through ExProtDb ID, organism name and protein name directly through search engine which is at the top of the page. The advance search includes search by extremophile, extreme-stability of proteins, mutants, PID (protein parameter ID) can be easily accessed directly through search engine.

How can I contact with your experts?
You can find in the footer of the page contact and feedback buttons, to request information or send general feedback. Complete the form; submit it and we shall contact you, if required.

When and how to cite ExProtDb?
Whenever you use data obtained from ExProtDb in a publication, you should either acknowledge ExProtDb with its web address or cite it within your bibliography. To cite ExProtDb, check out the “Cite Us” page.