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Unique ID System

The unique ID are provided to individual extremophilic organism and extremophilic protein. The significance of unique ID is that one can easily understand the organism and protein belongs from which classification domain, extremophile type, and extreme-stable type. The protein IDs were only derived from organism ID, e.g. Thermotoga maritima has accession number ‘B.T00L00.08’ [is a alkali-thermophilic (T, L) bacteria (B) having serial number (08) in the database] and its α-galactosidase has accession number ‘B.T00L00.08.T21’ [is a thermostable protein (T) with serial number 21 belonging from Thermotoga maritima (B.T00L00.08) in the database]. The figure below further explains how unique IDs are denoted to extremophilic organism and extremophilic protein:

Abbreviation used: D: Domain (can be A: Archaea, B: Bacteria, E: Eukaryota or X: Viruses and other); T: Thermophile; P: Psychrophile; A: Acidophile; L: Alkaliphile; H: Halophile; B: Barophile and E: Extreme-stable protein (can be T: Thermostable, P: Psychrostable, A: Acidostable, L: Alkalistable, H: Halostable or B: Barostable)